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Graphic Tees by NerdFairy

Story Time

Hey, it's Sarah, owner of NerdFairy! Once upon a time, I got really into graphic tees. And I was loving all the nerdy, faith-inspired, and book-loving shirts I found. But some things kept bugging me.

Number one; the fit. *Cringe* Big, boxy sleeves, necks too tight, stiff fabric... You know the ones. Not designed to fit correctly on any normal human being.

Number two; the designs. Maybe I'd love what it said but hate the font. Maybe I loved the design but not the colors, or lack of color. Maybe the design was a vinyl decal that I knew would start peeling off within a few months, if not sooner. Or screen print that would eventually crack.

Number three; the prices of some of these shirts. There are people out there who will put ONE WORD, in a thin cursive font, on the left side of the chest, and leave the rest blank... then charge $30 to $40!

So I started dreaming of designing my own shirts. And then started researching how I could do that. And after many, MANY days, weeks, months of reading, watching videos, trying out different programs, etc., I decided how I was going to design and print my shirts. I ordered equipment and blank tees, and set out to make shirts I loved.

Now, three and a half plus years later, with a lot of experience, trial and error, a better heat press, a different brand of tees, painting classes, and more, I humbly yet proudly offer my own brand of NerdFairy graphic tees. Bright, colorful, nerdy, and oh so comfy. Shirts that I would (and do!) wear all the time, and that I hope you will love as well!

Printing Method

The method I use, called sublimation, dyes the fabric itself. It's perfectly soft, part of the fabric. Can't crack or peel, fades naturally with the shirt, and lasts as long as your shirt lasts! It has a faded, vintage, your-favorite-worn-in-tee sort of look, right from the start. It's the softest and longest-lasting way to print a shirt.

The T-Shirts

I use super soft, comfortable, and flattering tees. Usually a blend of polyester and cotton, or poly, cotton, and rayon. My favorite brand doesn't even have side seams, for extra comfort! You can sleep in these tees, and I often do!

Shirts can be made in any size from baby onesie to adult 5x. If you like a tee but don't see it in your size, or would like a different color or different style shirt, please reach out! I want you to have a shirt you love, and will do what I can to make it happen!