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Fairy Hair

Shimmery, silky fairy hair tied to single strands of hair to create a whimsical sparkle that lasts for days, weeks, or even months!

Graphic Tees

The softest, most comfy t-shirts printed with my own cute designs, using high quality methods that will last a long time.

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Children's Books

I'm a Brand Partner with PaperPie, an amazing children's book company. Featuring high-quality content AND materials, these will be your and your kids' favorite books.

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Meet the Owner

Hi! I'm Sarah, owner of NerdFairy. I live in Chester County, Pennsylvania with my husband and our two daughters. I'm a nerdy, book-loving, tree-hugging, crunchy, Christian, homeschooling mom who loves to adventure with my family, whether that's outdoors (bicycling, hiking, kayaking) or playing tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. My husband helps me a lot behind the scenes with building displays, moving equipment, etc. My daughters help with t-shirt ideas, modeling fairy hair, labeling packages... When you support my business, you support our family, and we all appreciate it so much!

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