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Fairy Hair by NerdFairy
Frequently Asked Questions

What is fairy hair, and how long does it last?
Fairy hair is a shimmery, silky strand tied to a single piece of your hair. It will last until that hair sheds naturally - which can be days, weeks, or even months!

Fairy hair does not usually last as long on children, as their hair sheds faster. To make up for that, I charge half price for ages 6 and under.

Is fairy hair the same as tinsel?
No, fairy hair is much higher quality than tinsel. It lasts longer and can handle a lot more.

What can I do with fairy hair in?
You can brush, wash, curl, straighten, dye, bleach, trim... basically anything you can do with your actual hair! As always, the gentler the better.

Does fairy hair hurt?
Nope! It is a gentle, non-damaging way to add fun color to your hair.

Beware of other methods of applying fairy hair or "tinsel", though. I've heard of it being attached with a bead, slipknot, or even glue, to a section of hair (rather than a single hair) and those can cause pain and/or damage.

What colors do you offer?
I offer many different colors of fairy hair, and they will sometimes vary. If you would like a specific color, please let me know at least ten days before your event or appointment so I can try to have it available.

How many strands of fairy hair can I/should I get?
I recommend getting at least four strands, but you may choose as many as you'd like, and as many colors as you would like! At events, I sometimes need to limit the amount per person, so that everyone gets a chance at hair sparkles. But I will always offer at least four per person.

Who is fairy hair for?
Fairy hair is not "just" for kids or even "just" for girls! Anyone, any age is welcome to try fairy hair as long as their hair is long enough. Little ones are welcome to sit in a parent's lap while getting their hair done!

How long does my hair need to be?
If your hair has sections at least two inches long, we should be able to put fairy hair in. For young kids who have trouble sitting still, it may need to be a bit longer, but I'm always happy to try!

Can I hire you for a birthday party or other event?
Of course! I'd be happy to offer hair sparkles at your birthday party, customer or employee appreciation event, township or church event, or any other occasion where you'd like your guests to receive fairy hair. I charge an hourly rate, which includes a minimum of four strands per person, for as many people as I can serve during the agreed upon time frame.

Where are you located and what is your service radius?
I'm based in Parkesburg, Chester County, PA. My normal radius is within a half hour drive from Parkesburg, which includes West Chester, Exton, Honey Brook, Oxford, Quarryville, and Strasburg.


Individual Fairy Hair Pricing:
Age 7 to Adult - $2/strand
Children 6 & younger - $1/strand

Hourly Event Pricing: