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Style Tips From Kids

My daughters noticed me working on an article, Tips to Look and Feel Your Best, and asked if they could please give some tips as well. So here you go, style tips from kids!

My six-year-old daughter suggests this first tip for makeup OR painting:

If you're trying to get a dark color, you should double-dip. If you're trying to get a light color, you should do a light tap. You can also mix with black for a darker color, or mix with white for a lighter color. If you're trying to get a color you don't have, you should get two different colors and put them together.

When doing your eyes, you should put a color that will not clash with your eyes or skin.

For a cute hairstyle, you should try two braids and flip them inside out for a topsy tail braid. (See this article's featured photo!)

When lightening your hair, you should use coconut oil first to protect your hair. Then use the bleach. (That's my own trick that my daughter picked up on!)

If you're doing lipstick, you shouldn't do the same color as your eye shadow.

When you're wearing sandals, you should NOT wear socks!

If you want to wear a casual bracelet, but you don't have any, you can wear a hair tie.

From my three-year-old girly-girl:

If you need any nail polish, you could use pinkish-purple and some glitter on it. And some polka dots and stars.

If you had nail polish on your fingers, but there's no more on it, you can put more on.

If you have dry skin, you could put lip balm on. And if you want, you could add some pink.

For your hair, you could do pink and a little bit of yellow on the ends, and on the other ends some blueish. And on top, some hair sparkles.

If you want to wear a pretty dress today, you can wear it.

I think they gave some great tips! Let me know what you think. I'd love to share your (positive!) comments with them.